How to Deal with Adult Acne

How to Deal with Adult Acne

how to deal with adult acneWhy do I have adult acne?

Acne is frustrating at any age. Teenage acne plagues middle schoolers and high schoolers alike, but the silver lining is it ends with your teens, right? Well, not necessarily. Unfortunately, acne can stick around well into adulthood for many people. Adult acne is often the most frustrating type because it can be hard to get rid of and may not have an obvious cause. But, that doesn’t mean there’s no hope. Keep reading to learn more about adult acne and how to get rid of it for good.  

What is adult acne? 

Adult acne is acne that persists into adulthood, usually into 20s, 30s and 40s, though it can last well into 50s and 60s, too. Acne is the result of a clogged pore, usually with naturally occurring oil—called sebum—and dead skin. Bacteria can also be present in a clogged pore, causing a cyst. While breakouts can occur anywhere, adult acne most often occurs on the face.  

What causes adult acne? 

While teen pimples are most often caused by hormones, adult acne can have many more causes. This can make adult breakouts even more frustrating and difficult to treat. Depending on the origin, treatment of adult breakouts will vary. Here are a few of the most common adult acne causes.  


Hormones can still cause adult acne. Hormonal acne most often occurs on the lower face, around the chin, and women are more likely to experience adult hormonal acne. Women usually experience hormonal acne around their periods, around pregnancy or menopause and when starting, stopping or changing birth control.  


Stress-related breakouts are actually a type of hormonal acne. When stress levels increase, your body produces more androgen, a hormone that can unbalance your natural levels and cause flare-ups among other symptoms. Because adults are more likely to experience persistent stress than teens—in fact, 1 in 3 adults say they experience extreme stress—this type of acne is much more common into adulthood.

Skincare products and ingredients 

Skin and hair care products with harsh chemicals or ingredients that irritate skin can cause breakouts. Especially if you have sensitive skin, be aware of your skin’s reaction to products and certain ingredients to eliminate them from your regimen. Remember, too, it’s not just skincare products that can irritate skin; hair products can cause irritations, also, particularly shampoos, conditioners and other in-shower products. 

How do you treat adult acne? 

Treatment of adult acne will depend on the cause. Try by first noticing when your acne flares up. Is it when you’re experiencing work stress? How about when you use a certain face mask? Start to become aware and maybe keep a skincare journal to help you determine what triggers your breakouts. If your skin does not clear up, you should see a board-certified dermatologist. A dermatologist and dermatology medical staff can help you determine the cause of your acne and determine a treatment plan that may work best for you and your lifestyle.  

To sum it up

Even though it’s annoying, adult acne can be managed. Whether you have hormonal, stress-related or irritation acne, a dermatology office can help you understand, manage and treat your breakouts. Remember, it’s not just teens who suffer from breakouts, so if you have adult acne, know that you’re not alone.  


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