Provider Spotlight: Brittany Crivillaro, RN, BSN

Provider Spotlight: Brittany Crivillaro, RN, BSN

Brittany Crivillaro, RN, BSN_Loven Dermatology and AestheticsWe are so pleased to introduce you to Brittany Crivillaro, RN, BSN, this month in our provider spotlight series!  Brittany is a nurse injector, who joined Loven Aesthetics in January 2020. She sees patients at our Hendersonville location, specializing in a range of aesthetic services. 

Background and Education

Brittany is a native of Long Island, New York, and began working for Loven Dermatology and Aesthetics in January 2020. Brittany earned her bachelor’s degree in nursing at Adelphi University in New York. Since then, she has worked in high volume medical spas on Long Island and New York City offering medical aesthetic treatments. She is also pursuing a Doctorate of Nursing Practice at Belmont University. Post-doctorate, she plans to provide more advanced aesthetic treatments for Loven Aesthetics and is interested in research and teaching medical aesthetics.

Specialties and Expertise

As a nurse injector and cosmetic nurse, Brittany specializes in a range of aesthetic services. She provides expertise with injectables and aesthetic skincare procedures, such as dermaplaning, laser treatments and more. She uses a holistic approach to patient care and truly enjoys the time spent getting to know each person’s unique needs!

Q+A with Brittany Crivillaro

What is your favorite part of your job?Every patient I see has needs so different from one another. I’m constantly challenged to integrate a knowledge of their history, anatomy, culture, personal preferences and more to treat them with a more holistic, individualized approach. I love that!”

What’s your no. 1 skincare tip? “First, never go to bed with makeup on or leave it on for an extended period of  time. It’s like leaving an avocado out on the counter overnight. Makeup can start oxidizing on the skin in just a few hours, meaning that it chemically reacts with the air/pollutants and is broken down. You are then more prone to free radical damage, which causes premature aging and fights against healthy, glowing skin. Second, never pick at or squeeze acne/blackhead spots, especially with bare hands! You’ll be more likely to cause scarring, an infection and a it becomes breeding area for additional acne.”

What is your favorite service?Dermaplaning! My skincare products and makeup apply smoothly, my skin is brighter and it keeps my pores de-congested. On top of that, it leaves my skin with such a nice glow!”

What do you want people to know about Loven Dermatology and Aesthetics? “I want people to know that they’ll be lov(en) their time here!”

Fun facts: Brittany’s favorite holiday is New Year’s because it is the perfect time to reflect on the prior year, reassess goals and gear up for the possibilities of the upcoming year!

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