What is Laser Hair Removal?

What is Laser Hair Removal?

What is Laser Hair Removal_Loven AestheticsDo you have unwanted body hair? At some time, most people have either tried shaving or waxing. Traditional hair removal can be annoying and irritating. If you’ve wondered whether there’s a more permanent solution, the answer is yes. Laser hair removal is safe and effective. Here’s all you need to know before trying laser hair removal.  

What is laser hair removal? 

Laser hair removal is a method for reducing and removing unwanted hair on the body. It uses a concentrated pulse of light directed at the hair follicle. The pigment (melanin) in the hair follicles absorbs the light from the laser. The absorption of the light destroys the hair. Because the pigment in the follicle absorbs the light, it’s most effective on darker hair. Yet, some lighter hair can also be removed. 

There are many types of laser hair removal. Loven Aesthetics uses Dioloze XL, a comfortable and safe treatment for unwanted hair. It can be used on most parts of the body. The most common treatment areas are:  

  • Bikini (line or full) 
  • Arms and legs 
  • Chest and stomach 
  • Back and shoulders 
  • Neck, chin and sideburns 


Is it safe? 

Laser hair removal is a safe, time-tested method for removing body hair. If you’ve shaved or waxed for years, you may know the risks that come with regular hair removal. The least of your worries may be irritation and razor burn. But more annoying and potentially serious problems like ingrown hairs are common with shaving and waxing. With laser hair removal, you don’t have to worry about those.  

As with any aesthetics service, there may be some side effects. However, more serious side effects are rare. If you’re on regular medications, be sure to tell your doctor. Potential side effects include: 

  • Mild swelling and redness 
  • Temporary changes in skin pigment  
  • Irritation and changes in skin texture  


How should I prepare? 

Before your first treatment, you’ll need to shave—anywhere you plan to have treatments. Throughout your treatments, do not wax, pluck or tweeze hairs. You may shave because shaving does not affect the follicle, only external hair. But, waxing and plucking can interfere with laser hair removal. It can irritate the skin and disrupt the hair growth cycle.   

Most people will need about 4-6 treatments, spaced out about every month or six weeks. This will depend on your hair and the area of your treatment. Here are a few more things to prep you for treatment: 

  • Remove makeup for face treatments 
  • Wear SPF and avoid excess sun exposure throughout treatment process 
  • Avoid tanning and spray tans throughout treatment process 


What should I expect? Is it painful? 

Each appointment lasts around 20 minutes, depending on the area. Our patients usually describe the feeling as a rubber band snap. It’s a quick, hot sensation. The feeling will likely cause some minor discomfort but is not unbearable. The feeling also depends on the area of treatment. Some areas with thinner skin or lighter hair may be a little more uncomfortable. This is because it requires more energy for the laser to target pigment in lighter hair.  

Some lasers also have a cooling agent. This helps reduce any discomfort from the laser’s heat and reduces the “rubber band” feeling. Good news—the Diolaze laser we use has a cooling agent to make you more comfortable.  

What is laser hair removal?

If you have unwanted hair, consider trying laser hair removal. It’s a safe, effective way to reduce and remove hair from most parts of the body. The frequency of treatments will depend on your hair and the area you’d like to remove hair. If you would like more information about our Diolaze laser hair removal treatments, please call us at 615.270.425.  


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