Which Dermal Filler Do I Need?

Which Dermal Filler Do I Need?

dermal fillersDo you have fine lines or wrinkles on your face that you wish would just go away? Well, you’re not alone. With aging and daily life, your face can lose volume. This means that the tissue thins out and allows those pesky lines and wrinkles to appear. So, what can you do? Dermal fillers are a safe and effective way to combat these fine lines and wrinkles and increase skin’s volume—making your face look supple and youthful. Now, you may be thinking, which dermal filler do I need and where do I start? Never fear! We have put together a guide that can help you learn more about your options and what treatments may be best for you.  

What are dermal fillers? 

First, let’s talk a little about what dermal fillers are and what they do. Dermal fillers are injectable cosmetic treatments that combat volume loss and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. They contain FDA-approved substances, such as Hyaluronic Acid (HA). Hyaluronic Acid is a substance found naturally in the skin and has many uses 

Dermal fillers are different than products like Botox, which are neurotoxins. Neurotoxins work by “freezing” facial muscles, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In contrast, dermal fillers inject products like Hyaluronic Acid, restoring the body’s natural supply of HA or by naturally plumping the skin.  

Are dermal fillers safe? 

You should always make sure that you are receiving dermal fillers from a licensed professional. Even though dermal fillers are not a surgical procedure, these injections still require specialized training and expertise. A board-certified dermatologist or aesthetician can safely use injectables to help improve your skin’s appearance with FDA-approved products.  

Which dermal filler should you get? 

When it comes to dermal fillers, there are many options. The most common fillers are Hyaluronic Acid fillers. These include brand names like Juvéderm and Restylane. A board-certified professional can help you decide which dermal filler you need based on your desired results. Each filler has a different purpose, but in general, these can help with:

  • Smoothing under eyes
  • Lift and enhance cheeks 
  • Plumping lips 
  • Soften folds by nose 
  • Smooth chin wrinkles 
  • Fill acne scars 


Are you ready for the skin of your dreams? 

Dermal fillers are a great option to keep your skin looking like you feel on the inside—youthful and fresh! Now that you know what dermal fillers are and the most common options, are you ready to achieve your skin goals? Remember, you should always receive any cosmetic treatments from a licensed professional.  

Still not sure where to start? No problem! Book an appointment with us and learn about which treatments can give you the skin of your dreams. For more information about Loven Dermatology or to schedule an appointment, please visit lovendermatology.com or call 615-859-7546.